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A crocodile always grows new teeth to replace the old teeth!

A moth has no stomach.

The hair of an adult man or woman can stretch 25 percent of its length without breaking.

The 'L.L.' in L.L. Bean stands for 'Leon Leonwood'.

The world's termites outweigh the world's humans 10 to 1!

The Chow and the Chinese Shar-Pei are the only dogs that have black tongues.

Harry S. Truman was the last U.S. President with no college degree.

The U.S. founding fathers' name for the American Revolution was 'The War with Britain'.

In 39 of the 50 U.S. states, the travel industry is the largest single employer.

In Kentucky, It's illegal to fish in the Ohio River in Kentucky without an Indiana Fishing License.

Most of a hog's sweat glands are in its snout.

Dueling is legal in Paraguay, as long as both parties are registered blood donors.

Phobatrivaphobia is fear of trivia about phobias.

35,000 people in the U.S. will die from the flu annually.

Mexico City is built on top of an underground resevoir!

Your ribs move about 5 million times a year, every time you breathe!

Los Angeles's full name is "El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles de Porciuncula"!

People with blue eyes are better able to see in the dark.

In Athens, Greece, a driver's license can be taken away by law if the driver is deemed either unbathed or poorly dressed.

Rats can't vomit, that's why rat poison works.

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