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Strawberries have more vitamin c than oranges.

Sheryl Crow's two front teeth are fake.

Windmills always turn anti-clockwise. Except for the windmills in Ireland!

Drew Carey once worked at a Denny's.

Pancakes are commonly served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Australia.

In England, in the 1880's, "Pants" was considered a dirty word!

Check your map! Virginia extends farther west than West Virginia.

Fifteen people are known to have been crushed to death tilting vending machines towards them in the hope of a free can of soda.

One cubic mile of seawater contains about 50 pounds of gold.

Only 1% of bacteria cause disease.

No one has ever been able to domesticate the African elephant. Only the Indian elephant can be trained by man.

In England, the Speaker of the House is not allowed to speak.

Polar bear fur is not white, it's clear.

Your skin is actually an organ.

When a giraffe's baby is born it falls from a height of six feet, normally without being hurt.

9 out of 10 lightning strike victims survive!

The average American uses eight times as much fuel energy as an average person anywhere else in the world.

The first toilet being flushed in a motion picture was in the movie Psycho.

English novelist Arnold Bennet drank a glass of water in a Paris Hotel to prove it was safe. He died two months later of Typhoid!

Whale oil was used in automobile transmissions as late as 1973.

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